Completed and graduated from University in Graphic Design. The mckenziedave.co.uk / mckenziedave.com domain names were purchased and started being used as an online portfolio for use in interviews with design companies.


Joint two companies (EPCRS and Focus Digital Media) as one of their designers on a freelance basis while also working on my own projects under mckenziedave.


Started having a good flow of projects from mckenziedave so much so I ended up leaving the freelance position at Focus however stayed on with EPCRS. By the end of the year I was an established graphic and website designer with a range of completed projects under my belt under mckenziedave.


2015 saw a surge in start up companies needing a brand and website design. mckenziedave joint forces with Apptality and started leanring / building iOS applications. By the end of the year 5 new iOS applications were released on the app store all with positive reviews.


Started focusing more on my services and decided to concentrate on 3 main services; Website Design, Brand Design and Advertising Design. mckenziedave also started hosting clients websites sites under Apptality hosting services and able to offer website builds with hosting all for a competitive price.


Hosting services got upgraded and started supplying email servers with hosting packages. Built a range of websites that used SQL databases along with helping many start-up companies create their brand and online presence. Also joint a company as the leading UI/UX Designer.