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  What I can do for you is ensure your business does not become another statistic!

I can offer you a range of services from a logo to advertising to a complete website redesign all from as low as £9.00 per hour or a set price depending on the type of design.


My name is David Mckenzie but most people just call me Dave, I'm a recent University graduate now living back in my hometown Brighton and have recently started up my own freelance design company and could help you with your companies designs.

Did you know when a person views a website, in as little as 10 seconds they will have made the decision whether to continue viewing the site. With a strong website design and memorable brand identity higher profits and increased demand follows.


Unlike the major design companies today I can give you a one on one approach to helping to develope your company further. It really is as simple as the 3 steps below and you will have complete control and be able to see your designs develope stage by stage by the personal log in section on my portfolio.


If you want to see my portfolio of work or for more information please follow the link.

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Phone : 07446125026

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