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About Me

Why hello, my name is David Mckenzie but most people call me Dave, at school I was always that kid who was drawing or spending hours on the computer writing and editing code, now after graduating from university I have made my passion into a career working as a freelance graphic and web designer.

I am a person who is passionate in design technology, art and illustration with most of my design skills falling into a range of different categories however my main areas are in graphic and web design.
Why me?
So now you know a little bit about me the next question is why choose me .
Here are 4 main reasons why I feel you should choose me...
Friendly &
Im friendly and easy to talk to so whatever the reason you can feel confident in contacting me.
I have now been freelancing for 5 years and have been coding since getting my first pc at the age of 5!
Inspiration is something I get everyday, Im always coming up with ideas and how to implement.
I love my work and thanks to technology I'm always available to keep your project on track and on time.

My Skills

Graphic Design85%
HTML5 & Css395%
PHP / JS Script85%
iOS Design75%
To help clients get designs they want on time along with an affordable price. Helping clients start up or extend their business and making it stress free.
To create a business and portfolio full of brilliant well developed designs which are used across a range of media from print to digital.
Throughout the years I have achieved many mile stones for a brief summary of how and what I have achieved so far click here.


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